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 License Requirements

Licensing by Suruhanjaya Tenaga (ST) under Electricity Regulations 1994

All electricity generators are required to be registered and licensed by the Suruhanjaya Tenaga (ST) in accordance with the Electricity Regulations 1994. Generators with capacity of 5 kW or higher must also pay a license fee at a rate of RM 1.50 per kW per annum with a minimum fee of RM 100.00 per annum.

The power generating plant owners are also required to have “Competent Control” of the installations, where the capacity of the installation exceeds 100 amperes.

MBIPV has obtained ST approval for relaxation of the requirements for licensing and payment of the licensing fees, as well as the “Competent Control” for BIPV generating systems which are static equipment having no mechanical motive power (or moving parts).

The exemption for licensing applies to PV generating plant generating not more than 100 amperes, which equates to 24 kWp for single phase installations and 72 kWp for 3 phase installations at unity (1.0) power factor.

“Competent Control” is also exempted for installations with output capacity below 100 amperes.

The application for a PV system registration and Generation License shall be made by the PV system owner (filled by the APVSP) and submitted to PTM/MBIPV for onward submission to ST. The PV generation license shall be issued for a period of 21 years and annual license fees shall be paid by 31 December every year.

Application by:
Submission to:
Fees (RM)
Suruhanjaya Tenaga (ST)
Registration and Licensing of PV generating system
The GC-BIPV system owner (through APVSP)
PTM/MBIPV for onward submission to ST
RM 1.5 per kW per annum for installed capacity exceeding 24 kWp for single phase and 72 kWp for 3 phase systems, with a minimum of RM 100 per annum

The “Warta Kerajaan Seri Paduka Baginda ” is copied below.

Details of the ST Application Form for Registration and Licensing of Grid Connected BIPV systems, and the application flow chart, are shown below. All forms shall be duly completed and submitted to PTM/MBIPV as early as possible (at least four weeks) prior to installation of the GCPV system.

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