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 PV Industry in Malaysia

In supporting the BIPV industry and overall implementation of the MBIPV project, the Industry Development Program is designed to provide the foundation for the nurturing and growth of BIPV industry in Malaysia. The program plays an important role towards fulfilling the objectives of the MBIPV project that is to promote the development of local BIPV industry and localization of the BIPV technologies and products. Our Industry Development Programme addresses the latest PV market and PV policy development and forms a sound strategy and vision, so the local industry and non-profit organizations can develop and be able to drive post MBIPV the future PV market development in Malaysia. Malaysia will benefit from the industry development and will be able to export locally manufactured products in few years. This can lead to competitiveness and greater control in the local market, when a sustainable follow-up PV program is implemented.

However in order to continue leveraging on domestic opportunities and competing in the global marketplace, Malaysia needs to address urgently several challenges:

·         Capacity building for local industry to improve their capabilities;

·         Enhancement in quality of manufacturing;

·         Enhancing service, including after-sales and maintenance; and

·         Government incentive to drive the market and to develop competitiveness against global players.

We have designed the Industry Development Programme to facilitate the growing interest from local companies. Summarizing our program in six thrusts to upgrade local industry and support their business interest:

T1:    To understand the needs and requirements of the local industry;
T2:    To improve the image of the local PV industry and PV in Malaysia;
T3:    To stimulate interest and identify interested local companies to shift towards PV;
T4:    To design tailored programmes to enhance local industry;
T5:    To explore Government support and collaborate with relevant agencies on design for new incentives for industry development; and
T6:    To guide and facilitate collaboration between industries (local and foreign).

Our planned industry missions (see Industry-related Events) are critical success factors for T3, T4 and T6 and the overall development of the local PV industry.

In order to achieve this objective, the programme seeks to collaborate and communicate effectively with the industry and relevant stakeholders. It is to create a cluster of BIPV players which will in turn create a dynamic eco-system for the development of BIPV industry. The industry development programme focuses on matchmaking and introducing collaboration and capacity building towards the local industry.

To participate in the industry development programme and receive the latest PV industry news from MBIPV, please fill in the form.

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