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 Demo Category Incentive

1. General information:

  • Total of 200 kWp capacity will be offered for BIPV demonstration projects.
  • Up to 28 % financial support for supply and installation of BIPV systems from MBIPV project.
  • Applicable to any suitable properties including but not limited to commercial, residential, public buildings, schools and hospitals.
  • Applicable to any sites in Malaysia.
  • Can be grid-connected and/or off grid BIPV applications.
  • Should the available opportunities become limited, partners with the most attractive partnership proposal shall be selected based on ‘first come first basis’.
  • Technical advice/assistance from MBIPV project as appropriate.
  • Assistance from MBIPV project for TNB interconnection on net-metering basis.
  • Support of MBIPV project for selected promotion and marketing activities of the BIPV systems

2. Selected/approved project(s) must fulfil the following requirements:

  • The system shall be BIPV (retrofitted or integrated).
  • Design and installation of the BIPV systems shall comply to MS 1837: 2005 (Installation of grid connected photovoltaic system).
  • The applications/proposals for BIPV system shall be submitted to MBIPV project for verification and approval.
  • The BIPV systems must be fully installed and commissioned within 36 months from the project approved date.
  • The approved BIPV systems must be installed at the indicated location as stated in the application form.
  • MBIPV project shall be informed if the BIPV system is to be altered, substituted or removed within three (3) year period from the system commissioning date.
  • The BIPV system owner/operator shall cooperate with MBIPV project for the performance monitoring programme.
  • MBIPV project is allowed to publicise the BIPV installation without infringing the privacy of the owner/operator.
  • BIPV system owner/operator is expected to assist such further undertakings and covenants as required by PTM for the smooth implementation of the MBIPV demonstration project.

Note: PTM reserves the right to amend any of the above information and requirement without any prior notice. Interested parties are advised to contact PTM for further information.

Interested parties can apply by contacting any of the Approved PV Service Providers

or write-in to:

MBIPV Project
Pusat Tenaga Malaysia
No. 2 Jalan 9/10
Persiaran Usahawan
43650 Bandar Baru Bangi
Email: infop(a)mbipv.net.my

Or, please contact:

Azah Ahmad (azah(a)mbipv.net.my)

 Demonstration Incentive Category: Process Flow for Applications

Step 1: Applicant to submit Letter of Intent (to state site location, PV capacity, and house/building status).


Step 2: MBIPV to reply and provide the list of PV service provider.


Step 3: Applicant to contact and work with PV service provider for system design.


Step 4: Applicant/PV service provider to submit system design (include site location, PV capacity, technical information, etc.) and system quotation.


Step 5: MBIPV to evaluate the submission for approval.


Step 6: MBIPV to award the successful applicant and Letter of Award (LoA) will be signed.


Step 7: Appointed PV service provider to complete system installation and submit TNB interconnection form to MBIPV


Step 8: PV service provider to submit commissioning report (to be witnessed by MBIPV, TNB and PV monitoring centre).


Step 9: System owner to participate in monitoring programme (minimum of two (2) years through PV monitoring centre).

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