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 To be an Approved PV Service Provider

To help develop a quality based PV industry, the MBIPV Project introduced an Approved PV Service Provider (APVSP) scheme. Only APVSP will be eligible to design and install grid connected BIPV systems for the MBIPV funded projects.

 The objectives of APVSP scheme are:

  • to ensure Malaysia has a pool of quality local PV service Providers;
  • to ensure quality design and installation of grid-connected PV systems;
  • to ensure customer satisfaction of grid-connected PV systems;
  • to facilitate the use of pre-approved quality PV products and components

 The conditions for APVSP are as follows: (Only companies can apply, an individual person is not eligible to be an APVSP)

  • At least one  member of full time staff shall have attended and successfully passed an approved ISPQ-accredited grid-connected BIPV training recognized by MBIPV/ KeTTHA. (Note: For the ISPQ-accredited training in Malaysia, MBIPV Project only recognized the ISPQ-accredited grid-connected BIPV training organized by MBIPV-UiTM only)
  • The company preferably should have prior experience in the design, supply and installation of a PV power system. If not, the company will be provisionally approved for the first 12 months.
  • The company shall be financially sound and not declared as a dormant company under Companies Commission of Malaysia.
  • The company shall only engage the service of a certified electrician for all electrical wiring works.
  • The company shall have workers insurances and public liability insurance. MBIPV Project strongly recommends the APVSP to have Fidelity Guarantee Insurance.
  • The company shall agree to follow the APVSP Industry Best Practice Guidelines.
  • The company shall agree to abide by the APVSP Code of Conduct.
  • State suppliers for PV modules and Inverter

Notes :

APVSP is subjected for renewal at the end of each year. MBIPV reserves the right to terminate the company's Approved PV Service Provider  listing if the company has not been able to find a replacement full time employee certified with ISPQ accredited grid-connected PV training within the one-month departure of the employee.

For further details please check the document on Approved PVSP scheme. For more information on APVSP, please contact administrator for APVSP, Ms Nor Radhiha (03) 8921 0871, or email to radhiha(a)mbipv.net.my 

Download document on Approved PVSP scheme

Kindly download the following Application Form to apply for the scheme:

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