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- The Design & Installation of Grid-Connected PV System Training (GCPV)
- The Design & Installation of off-Grid PV System Training (OGPV)
 The Design & Installation of Grid-Connected PV System Training (GCPV)
Training on the Design and Installation of Grid-Connected PV System

MBIPV provides training on the design and installation of grid-connected PV system. The 10-day course is structured with compliance to the requirements of Institute for Sustainable Power (ISP) where the training will constitute both theoretical and practical sessions ending with a competency examination. MBIPV is also the first centre in ASEAN to apply for the world-renown ISPQ accreditation for its grid-connected PV training. The course covers:

  • Design of Grid-Connected PV systems that include solar PV modules, inverter and associated equipment
  • Installation of the Grid-Connected PV systems up to the inverter. (note: the electrical wiring of the system can only be undertaken by licensed electricians)

The training will be held at PVMC, Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM)  . The fee inclusive of course materials, provision of facilities for practical sessions, insurance and lunch - details can be found in the Application Form. Training schedule, course content and application form  can be downloaded from the following links . Any other enquiries on the training, please call Ms. Norsyarihan (603) 5521 1994, or email to pvtraining(a)mbipv.net.my.


The tentative training dates for 2011 :





28th Feb to 11th Mar 2011 - All seats taken



4th to 15th Apr 2011 - All seats taken


3 3rd to 14th May 2011 - All seats taken Closed
4 23rd May to 3rd Jun 2011 - All seats taken Closed
5 20th Jun to 1st Jul 2011 - All seats taken Closed

11th to 22nd July 2011 - All seats taken

7 19th to 30th Sep 2011 - All seats taken Closed

 Note : Only 15 participants per training. Confirmation of the registration is upon receipt of the payment. Company may register for more than ONE participation, however, priority will be given to ONLY TWO pax per company. Subsequent registered participations will be accepted based on availability of seats closer to the training date.

(KINDLY NOTE THAT THE PAYMENT IS NOT REFUNDABLE, HOWEVER IT IS TRANSFERABLE).Postponement of the participation must be made at least one (1) month before the training date. Participants are not allowed to postpone their training dates if they are unable to find replacement within less than 1 month of registered training date.



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