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PV Policy
|    Policy Overview
|    Government Incentives
|    License Requirements
|    Grid-Connection
|    Net-Metering
- Direct Feed (DF)
- Indirect Feed (IF)
|    Feed-in Tariff (FiT)
 Direct Feed (DF)

Direct feed shall be the preferred option where it is physically possible. In DF the PV meter, which records the generation from the PV system is installed beside the TNB supply meter at the customer’s incoming supply point. The PV generated electricity feeds into the TNB distribution grid before the TNB meter through wiring connection as shown by the illustration below.

In this case the PV system can only be connected to the electric power system in the presence of TNB personnel who will isolate the TNB supply to facilitate the grid connection and then seal the TNB cut-outs where the inter connection is made.

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