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PV Policy
|    Policy Overview
|    Government Incentives
- Incentives for end user
- Incentives for 3rd Party Distributor
|    License Requirements
|    Grid-Connection
|    Net-Metering
|    Feed-in Tariff (FiT)
 Incentives for 3rd Party Distributor

Budget 2009 has extended incentives to grant exemption of import duty and/or sales tax as appropriate, to “Registered Third Party Distributors (TPDs)” as well as manufacturers of the relevant products as follows:

  1. Import duty and sales tax exemption on solar photovoltaic system equipment for the usage by third parties be given to importers including photovoltaic service providers approved by the Energy Commission; and
  2. Sales tax exemption on the purchase of solar heating system equipment from local manufacturers.

Applications must be submitted to ST with a copy to MBIPV. Such applications can be made on MIDA Form PC Services (10.3.2009) for this purpose.

For further details on the incentives and procedures involved, please download the Handbook for Grid-Connected and Licensing of PV Installations in Malaysia.

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