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 How to enter PV Manufacturing Business

Photovoltaic has been utilized for over 50 years in a range of applications. As the technology both improved in efficiency and decreased in cost, new applications began to emerge. Consumer products (such as calculators) experienced high growth in the market in the early 1980s, but now represent less than 1%share of the overall market. From the mid-1980s to1998 off-grid PV applications dominated the overall PV application market. From the mid-1990s to the present, grid-connected PV has experienced significant growth and currently represents 84% of the total PV installed today. This market is also expected to continue to grow at exceptional rates for the next several years.

In parallel with the PV technology and market, PV industry has experienced a similar growth. Today, more than 500 manufacturing plants are active in solar cells and solar module production. Globally, many new companies have emerged as future potential PV players in the next decade. These companies locate all around the world both in Asia and in Europe. Locally, Malaysia is expected to play an important role in the global PV manufacturing of PV products. In 2009, five leading PV companies have announced to establish local manufacturing of polysilicon, solar cells or thin film modules in Malaysia.

With the growing of PV business and market, many has asked questions on investing or doing business in PV. How to enter the PV business and what are the opportunities available in this sector. Other has asked on how much investment is required and what are the challenges. These questions were asked many time and many answers were given. However, to make life easy for all, the MBIPV Project of PTM has published two editions of PV industry handbooks to answer all these questions. In addition, a presentation of facts and figures was also published to give viewer an overall of prospects and challenges offered by the PV business and industry.

Listed below are the 3 published documents that would be able to help you answer the 1 million investment question of PV business.

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