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 Feed-in Tariff (FiT)



Update on the Feed-in Tariff (FiT):

As of the 28th April 2011, both the Renewable Energy Bill  (RE Bill)  and the Bill for Sustainable Energy Development Authority (SEDA Bill) were passed by the Dewan Negara (House of Senate).

The Bills will be gazetted for enactment by early May 2011. SEDA Malaysia will then be legally established. The Feed-in tariff is envisaged to be implemented by Q3 2011.


Resources for FiT:

Discussion on RE Bill & Subsidiary Legislations (by Ir Hadri, 21 April 2011)

The Final Report on National Renewable Energy Policy and Action Plan

(Hadri et al, submitted to KeTTHA on 18th April 2009)

Intro into RE & SEDA Acts (16 Mar 2011)

Assessment of Proposed M'sian FiT with International Best Practise

(Dr David Jacobs)

Invitation to REPPA Workshop (27 Jan 2011)

Solar REPPA Term Sheet (<= 1 MW)
REPPA Term Sheet (except Solar <= 1 MW)
Appendix on Consequences of Termination
FiT Updates at Workshop


National RE Policy 2010 (Executive Summary)


FAQ on feed-in tariff

for Malaysia 

Malaysian Feed-in Tariff Handbook (English version) (BM version)

Overview of RE Policy & Feed-in Tariff Mechanism

(Dec 2010)

An International Expert's view on the FiT - David Jacobs

(Nov 2010)

 Feed-in Tariff for Renewable Energies by Mr. Hans-Josef Fell, German Parliamentarian, Green Party (2MB)

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