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The aim of this project component (4) is the development of the local BIPV industry and optimization of BIPV products for local conditions in Malaysia. Within this component, international collaborations will be promoted to transfer promising R&D activities to ‘Made in Malaysia’ BIPV products. The local made and also imported quality products will ultimately reduce the long-term BIPV system cost and will enhance the performance of the technology and guarantee consumer’s satisfaction. Assistance will be given to small and medium size industries to explore the local business developments. Two product testing facilities will be established to ensure the quality and reliability of local and imported products. Local manufacturing and product services are crucial parts of the driving force towards cost reduction in many PV programs world-wide, while creating many new job opportunities. Generally, this project component will focus on:



1. R&D and Localization for PV Inverters

University Malaya (UM) is carrying out research and development activities with support from suitable collaborators to develop local inverters for market commercialization. The initiative is expected to enhance the technology performance to best suit local climate. Other local universities and local and international industry players are invited to collaborate with UM on market commercialization of a ‘’Malaysian Made’’ PV inverter.


 2. International Collaboration and Transfer Technology Program


Local PV companies and universities shall be given the opportunity to network with suitable international PV companies and manufacturers. Eventually, companies would be able to upgrade their capabilities and enter into transfer technology agreement with their counterpart. This would then encourage knowledge sharing, joint ventures and foreign direct investment between local and foreign companies. International collaboration and joint ventures will upgrade the local industry to a competitive level. Business meetings will be organized to provide matchmaking opportunity between international and local industry.


 3. BIPV Industry Growth and Development Program


Detailed assessments of local industry and manufacturer will be conducted. Based on the industry interest and level of capabilities six business models will be developed to provide direction in local BIPV industry development. Three business models are design for manufacturers interested to enter the PV business and three business models are for PV service providers to build their capabilities and competencies to sustain their business. Business matchmaking and industry trend events will be organized. The overall objective of this initiative is to prepare local companies and industry players with the relevant knowledge, skills and experience for the industry.

  4. Quality Control Centre for Inverters and Mounting Structures

To ensure a high reliability of the PV system, imported products must have IEC, UL, EN or other international recognized certificates or thoroughly tested to ensure that products meet local requirements under local conditions. Two Quality Control Centres (QCC) are established to evaluate and to test the quality of the products. Inverters will be tested at Universiti Teknologi Malaya (UTM) in Skudai (Johor) and mounting structures are tested at IKRAM, Kajang (Selangor). Both centres will further enhance the capabilities and competencies of local companies. And additionally, the centres can also function as testing facility for any international products wanting to enter the local market.



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