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 How Can I Own a PV System
How can I own a PV System

Under our MBIPV project there are two types of capital incentives offered.

Demo incentive-you can expect up to 25% discount of total system cost. However, it is based on first come first serve basis. You can expect the results minimum 3 weeks upon received of your application.

Alternatively, you can participate in our Suria 1000 programme where the discount is much more attractive which is up to 42%. Since this is the final call (we have launched five calls since late 2006), this is the only chance for you to participate. However, it is based on ‘bidding concept’ where the higher investment you are willing to make, the higher chance it will be.

Once you have decided on which incentive to enter, please contact any of the Approved PV Service Provider (APVSP).  They will be able to advice in how much capacity is needed and roof spaces including preparing your submission. Hope this helps you to get started!


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