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 MBIPV Project Brief


“The principal objective of this project is to reduce the long-term cost of BIPV technology within the Malaysian market, which will subsequently lead to sustainable and widespread BIPV technology applications that will avoid greenhouse gases (GHG) emission from the country’s electricity sector. The proposed project will establish the desired environment for a long-term market development and set a target for a follow-up BIPV program in the 10th Malaysia Plan. The project will achieve its objectives by: developing and implementing strong financing mechanisms, solid institutional and policy frameworks; extensive education and capacity building campaigns to generate awareness and improve local competency; introduction of standards and guidelines, developing and enhancing the market; and upgrading the local industry towards local manufacturing. Additionally, this BIPV project will also provide synergies to other ongoing projects such as demand side management and energy efficiency program. The implemented project will induce an increase of BIPV application of about 330% with a cost reduction of 20% by the year 2010. Subsequently, the success story can be replicated in neighboring countries and thus having a significant input on the overall reduction of GHG emissions....”

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*MBIPV Project Brief



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